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  • Categories established to facilitate decentralized decision making and execution and compliance with statutorily imposed requirements. The categories determine the level of review, decision authority, and applicable procedures. Acquisition Category I. These are major defense acquisition programs. They have unique statutorily imposed acquisition strategy, execution, and reporting requirements. Milestone decision authority for these programs is: (a) the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology -- acquisition category ID; (b) if delegated by the Under Secretary, the Cognizant DoD Component Head -- acquisition category IC; (c) if delegated by the Component Head, the Component Acquisition Executive. Acquisition Category II. Milestone decision authority for these programs is delegated no lower than the DoD Component Acquisition Executive. They have unique statutorily imposed requirements in the test and evaluation area Acquisition Category III and IV. The additional distinction of acquisition categories III and IV allow DoD Component Heads to delegate milestone decision authority for these programs to the lowest level deemed appropriate within their respective organizations.

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