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  • A payment, advance, forbearance, rendering, or deposit of money, or anything of value, unless consideration of equal or greater value is received by the donor, but does not include:

    1. Bequests and other forms of inheritance;
    2. Suitable mementos of a function honoring the reporting individual;
    3. Food, lodging, transportation, and entertainment provided by a foreign government within a foreign country or by the United States Government, the District of Columbia, or a State or local government or political subdivision thereof;
    4. Food and beverages which are not consumed in connection with a gift of overnight lodging;
    5. Communications to the offices of a reporting individual, including subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals;
    6. Consumable products provided by home-State businesses to the offices of the President or Vice President, if those products are intended for consumption by persons other than the President or Vice President; or
    7. Exclusions and exceptions as described at Sec. 2634.304(c) and (d).

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